How a Simple Meal Plan Saves My Money and Sanity (FREE Printable)

My kids come home from school every day starving… They immediately want food…and lots of it. Of course, this could send me into an utter panic, desperately pulling easy foods from the cupboards and freezer trying to find ANYTHING that they will eat. But, I learned long ago that having a meal plan set up in advance takes the pressure off of me. I can look at that meal plan each morning as we are all getting ready to head in our various directions, and know just what I need to do to make sure our evening is less hectic and more wholesome. The side effect is not only am I more sane, but we also save a ton on groceries, since we no longer have to work on a whim and a prayer. Continue reading “How a Simple Meal Plan Saves My Money and Sanity (FREE Printable)” »